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ROAMEO is Ready!

RAD is thrilled to add its first mobile security robot to its existing line of stationary robots: ROAMEO. Our Rugged Observation Assistance Mobile Electronic Officer.

Durable enough to handle just about any site and equipped with smart tools to aid you in protecting and enhancing your property. Includes RAD’s advanced Human and Vehicle Detection analytics. Seamless integration to the full-featured AD Software Suite which includes RADSOC, RADPMC, RADSight, and RADGuard.


AITX Creates Subsidiary RAD-M Focusing on Mobile Autonomous Robotics

Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc., (OTCPK:AITX), announced in September that it had created a new, wholly-owned subsidiary, Robotic Assistance Devices Mobile, Inc. (RAD-M) to develop, build and invest in a suite of mobile solutions for the autonomous remote services industry.

Robotic Assistance Devices Inc. (RAD), also a wholly-owned subsidiary of AITX will serve as RAD-M’s exclusive master distributor of finished product and will continue to invest in existing and new sales channels.

“RAD-M now has the resources and IP from RAD for ROAMEO and as-yet unannounced solutions. By concentrating specific R&D and design resources in RAD-M we can continue to invest new capital, attract and grow our world-class group of developers, engineers and designers and ultimately deliver class-defining solutions,” said Steven Reinharz, President and CEO of RAD and the new RAD-M. “This separation of our stationary and mobile solutions allows each business unit to fully concentrate on their primary missions which will result in streamlined development timelines.”

The research, development and engineering teams, across the globe have been working on perfecting, testing and getting ROAMEO ready for its market debut.

This team’s hard work, long hours and tremendous talents have resulted in ROAMEO’s official product launch in October, 2020.

ROAMEO Engineering Team
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

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RAD's Health Screening System
Now Includes Face Mask Detection

RAD has enhanced its autonomous security and property management devices with a new advanced mask detection feature. This feature supports building owners and property managers with an autonomous tool to identify face mask usage, create automatic alerts, and generate ongoing face compliance scores.

This enhancement is integrated into all of RAD’s health screening systems and can be used to automatically prevent people who are not wearing masks from entering buildings. This reduces the risk of confrontation and escalation that has happened when manned security monitors and enforces mask usage. Furthermore, analytic features empower executives to monitor mask compliance at retail establishments, transportation centers, and other workplaces, and compare compliance rates across multiple sites so management teams can address sites with low compliance first.

Automating Guard Post Orders using Robotics

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Autonomous Remote Services For the Security Industry

Hot off the presses, this eBook written by RAD's CEO Steve Reinharz in May 2020 is a Manifesto of the Autonomous Security Industry. Sign up to receive this document.

An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: Professional Edition

Check out this book written by our CEO Steve Reinharz. Released back in 1992 and updated on the 25th anniversary in 2017, it's a lite primer into Artificial Intelligence applications and a quick read that should be well worth the time.

How is the Security Industry Changing?

In our technology filled world we know the landscape of security is changing but just how much has it changed the industry? Check out this article by Steve Reinharz discussing these changes.

About RAD

Founded in 2016, Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc., a publicly traded Nevada corporation trading under the ticker AITX. RAD is high-tech start-up that delivers robotics and artificial intelligence based solutions that empower organizations to gain new insight, solve complex challenges and fuel new business ideas at a reduced cost.

RAD develops its own technology from the ground up including circuit board design and base code development. Letting us have full control over the quality and design elements of all our robots from SCOT to ROAMEO. This also allows us to create our own software leading to the development of powerful tools such as RADSOC, RADPMC, RADGuard, and RADSight.

Generally speaking, all technology utilized by RAD is RAD developed and owned.