Automating Guard Post Orders

Looking to see how RAD can provide solutions to your guard's post orders? Click view post orders to see how our robots can fulfill many needs at a low cost

How is the Security Industry Changing?

In our technology filled world we know the landscape of security is changing but just how much has it changed the industry? Check out this article by Steve Reinharz discussing these changes.

An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: Professional Edition

Check out this book written by our CEO Steve Reinharz. Released back in 1992 and updated on the 25th anniversary in 2017, it's a lite primer into AI applications and a quick read that should be well worth the time.

About RAD

Founded in 2016, RAD is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc., a publicly traded Nevada corporation trading under the ticker AITX. RAD is high-tech start-up that delivers artificial intelligence-based solutions that empower organizations to gain new insight, solve complex challenges and fuel new business ideas.

RAD develops its own technology from the ground up including circuit board design and base code development. Generally speaking, all technology utilized by RAD is RAD developed and owned.