Developments in artificial intelligence and robotics are helping traditional security guard companies not only perform the basic functions of ensuring safety, detection and reporting, but new developments in AI and robotics can take those concepts to the next level, increasing operational efficiency and reducing liability. Instead of fearing that robotic security devices will take the place of human security guards, consider this: they can work together.

With the robot revolution upon us, guarding companies are seeing the value of these solutions and aim to take advantage of their capabilities. Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD) has carefully developed the robot systems and user interface software to seamlessly integrate with guarding company and with the Security Operations Centers within today’s enterprise organizations so guarding companies can easily provide robotic advantages to their customers.

Allied Universal Services, the largest guarding company in the United States, recognizes that by adding the use of RAD’s security robots, users can be positively influenced by decreasing the number of “dangerous” posts by human guards and thereby reducing liability for organizations.

“We believe that the versatility of your security robots, particularly the all-terrain capability and advanced electronics allowing integration into our client’s existing security systems, allows us to offer supplemental security services that will significantly benefit our customers,” said Mark McCourt, Vice President, Enterprise Security Systems, Allied Universal Services.

The partnership of humans and robots creates numerous advantages when it comes to providing security. The patrolling capabilities of RAD’s robots and their responsiveness provide human guards with an increased ability to detect intrusion. Additionally, security robots can free up human security guards by manning dangerous or undesirable locations, such as toxic waste plants. This then yields higher cost savings for a company, as insurance costs and labor will decrease.

“Our expectation is that within a few years security robots will be an important piece of security operations for clients that have needs of more than guards at any given location,” McCourt said.

“We’re constantly evaluating our products based on the feedback we receive from customers and partners – and we strive to provide guarding companies with solutions that meet the needs of the enterprise organizations of today,” said Steve Reinharz, President and CEO, RAD. “Combining the human guarding element with the robotic element provides leaders with the pieces they need to create a robust security solution.”