Robotic Assistance Devices’ (RAD) newest artificial intelligent guarding solution, the Security Control and Observation Tower (SCOT™), is proving its significant value and robust capabilities through the acceptance of renowned accolades presented during ISC West 2018. We’re thrilled to announce that SCOT™ has won a New Product Showcase Award from the Security Industry Association (SIA), a 2018 Secure Campus Award from Campus Security & Life Safety and 2018 Government Security (Govie) Award from Security Today!

SIA’s New Product Showcase recognizes innovative products, services and solutions in electronic physical security, and SCOT™’s award comes in the Law Enforcement/Guarding Systems category. Technologies within the program are used in the protection of life and property in residential, commercial and institutional settings, displaying SCOT™’s importance in long-range human detection and acting as a force multiplier for safety and defense against outside threats.

The Secure Campus Awards, chosen by an independent panel of judges from the security industry, honor outstanding campus security services and products. SCOT™’s Platinum Secure Campus Award in the Perimeter Protection category demonstrates its user friendliness, unique innovation technique and comprehensive safeguarding abilities to protect students and staff at K-12 and higher education facilities.

SCOT™’s Gold Govie Award in the Intelligent Communications category positions the solution as an outstanding government security product chosen by an independent panel of judges. Its AI-powered features, including the debut of the RAD Software Suite, contribute to a visible security presence at government buildings that ensures the most timely and effective resolution to incidents.

RAD is honored to accept these awards for SCOT™ as we believe it truly offers a cost effective, advantageous expansion of an organization’s security reach. Thank you to Campus Security & Life Safety, Security Today and SIA!