Facilities managers and building owners continuously strive to deploy comprehensive systems and devices that address a number of challenges while finding ways to reduce costs and improve ROI. The balance can be challenging to strike, but an innovative and intelligent solution can allow personnel to seamlessly achieve this goal.

BUILDINGS Magazine recently recognized the Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD) Security Control and Observation Tower (SCOT™) as a Money-Saving Products Award winner, demonstrating its ability to provide security and concierge services in a quality yet cost-effective manner. SCOT™ was chosen alongside nine other life safety and security products for the cost savings and features they offer to facility management.

SCOT™ enables end users to expand their security reach by utilizing cutting-edge technology, such as human detection analytics and license plate recognition, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional security solution. Long-range paging and visibility, close-range intercom and audio integration ensure efficient communication and elevated protection. The remote, self-sufficient tower is ideal for perimeter surveillance in markets such as critical infrastructure and data centers, exemplifying its significant value to building owners and security executives.

Because of SCOT™’s artificial intelligence-powered capabilities, the solution allows facility security managers to augment their teams with enhanced situational awareness and knowledge, ultimately creating additional savings on money and time. RAD’s unique Power System also allows SCOT™ to be quickly placed virtually anywhere for short- or long-term deployments with zero investment/planning in any supporting infrastructure.

Additionally, building managers require technology that can provide more than simply security for inhabitants, including the need for centralized information in a commercial building or alerting people to incidents if necessary. SCOT™’s customizable wraparound LED panels continuously facilitate appropriate messaging and can serve as an ambassador in a variety of environments.

We’re honored to receive this award from BUILDINGS, as it truly acknowledges SCOT™’s effectiveness and affordability.