AI is the Future

For many, artificial intelligence seems like a far-off, futuristic term referring to flying cars, or robots that mimic human emotion and can run a hotel’s front desk. But artificial intelligence, or AI, is far from a fantasy and the uses associated with it are growing exponentially day-to-day. But what is it? And why should you care about it?

AI is more than simply the art of creating computers that make intelligent choices — it finds ways to give a computer all the aspects of intelligence and learning that humans have. In practice, however, AI research is spread over a very broad spectrum. Research on sight for computers (judging distances, material texture), hearing (distinguishing noise from speech, and words from each other), and creativeness (drawing pictures, composing music) are all important areas being examined.

AI is already in use in many of today’s advanced surveillance deployments through the use of video analytics. Automated processes that supplement human abilities are now monitoring real-time surveillance footage. This is extremely useful if the organization has dozens or hundreds of facilities and thousands of cameras. As these AI-powered analytics alert security teams to incidents, enterprise organizations can increase operational efficiencies, identify risks more proactively and ensure informed, rapid response to situations.

AI also makes it possible to augment traditional guard service efforts through the use of integrated robotic systems. These types of solutions are being deployed in a wide variety of situations, leveraging advanced navigation capabilities, obstacle avoidance sensors and intelligent mechanics to support human guards in potentially dangerous situations. Like video analytics, the use of robots improves safety and security, increases situational awareness, streamlines operations, reduces liability associated with dangerous tasks and provides operators with intelligent information to better identify and investigate threats.

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