RAD Sales Proposal Support Application

Paradigm changes in manned guarding and physical security require new techniques and tools to efficiently help communicate benefits and visualize implementations. RAD is thrilled introduce the first RAD Augmented Reality Device Visualization Tool.

RAD’s Augmented Reality (AR) Visualization tool is designed to provide dealer sales and operations team members a simple, quick and accurate method to represent how RAD Devices and human guards will appear in the locations desired by the end users. This limited tool will help customers see how the devices and humans will look and provide an edge for RAD dealers vs any other proposals end users may be considering.

This application runs on Android only and is compatible with these devices.

The application is also available to non-dealer users who are interested in RAD and want to better understand the RAD solution with the intention of strengthening RAD’s business.

User access to the RAD AR application is entirely discretionary by RAD management. Users desiring access will need to register. To gain access to the registration page please email your name, company, phone number, and twitter name to info@roboticassistancedevices.com. You will be contacted with a link to download the software and continue the registration process.

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