What to Expect:
As a member of the team, we expect that you have experience with low voltage and are comfortable reading wire diagrams. You will be assembling our product prior to 110v power being applied to it. We carry various product lines and we expect that over time you become familiar with the intricacies of them all.

During the initial probationary period, we ask that you bring ‘basic’ hand tools – Wire stripper, Crimper, Philips/Flathead, etc. with you to the office. If this is an issue, please let us know.

• We will provide all the wire, connectors, power tools, etc. required to complete the assembly.
• We will provide all instructions and manuals needed.
• You will not be working with any devices with power is applied, this will be assembly only.


  1. Can read blueprints, wiring diagrams, process sheets, and schematic drawings.
  2. The ideal candidate can receive verbal instructions regarding upcoming work assignments.
  3. Routes/attaches wires and connectors to and from circuitry and can connect to assembly to power supply sources, switch panels, or junction boxes.
  4. Calibrates unit according to pre-determined specifications.
  5. Enters information on production records, logs, and other report forms.
  6. Set up and operates all types of equipment to fabricate and assemble complete electrical assemblies.
  7. Hi-REL soldering; mount new components to the panel using hand tools
  8. Install wiring to create harnesses and cable assemblies
  9. Must be able to lift up to 35lbs

We will be following all social distancing protocols during the project. Mask is required, we have plenty of workspace as well in our shop.

Remote Installer Program:
We are calling for Electricians, Integrators or Access Control specialists who can help facilitate the installation of devices for our dealer network across North America. As an installer for RAD, we will work with you and our customers to coordinate shipping, installation, and service for all devices. As our network grows you may be responsible for one or more dealers in a region.

Main Areas of Responsibility:

Customer Engagement:
All our devices require 110v power to operate. This is often the greatest hurdle for customers who understand the need for the device but do not understand the intricacies of installation. We have worked very hard and have dedicated a tremendous amount of resources to streamline the installation process but real-world knowledge and boots on the ground are always required for a smooth and efficient install.
In most cases, power will be required ahead of delivery, we will provide schematics and diagrams for the system power requirements but we will need in the field technicians to walk to the job with the customers to determine the nearest source of power, ideal camera angles and any other pertinent information for installation.

Aside from the power that is required, the physical install of the device requires 4-6 screws to secure them into place. Most of our devices are mounted on to walls at various heights, depending on the customers’ requirements, this can be as high as 35ft. The ideal candidate will have all the necessary tools/equipment to complete the installation. RAD will work closely with you and the customer to walk to the job site prior to shipping to eliminate any surprises during the install process.

Access Control:
In some cases connection to an access control panel is required. This is a detail that is determined prior to the sale completion or PO submittal. This scope of work might require additional resources to complete. In these instances, we ask that if you cannot complete the work to let us know, so we can assist in coordinating additional resources in the area.

Desired Applicant:
The desired candidate will have appropriate electrical or low voltage licensing for a region. You will be responsible for coordinating power installation at the site and installation and onsite verification of the devices.


  • Licensing as required by the local authorities having jurisdiction
  • Insurance as may be required by the customer facility
  • References
  • Tools/equipment as required

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