Autonomous Verified Access

Meet AVA! This mountable unit seamlessly integrates with all other RAD devices and provides an edge-to-edge 180° field of vision. As easy to install and scale as all RAD hardware, AVA deploys RAD’s innovative artificial intelligence-based technologies to enhance an organization’s situational awareness, communication and control. AVA takes full advantage of the RAD Software Suite aimed at providing a comprehensive access control package that is ideal for corporate campuses, parking structures, exterior areas, and lobbies and buildings; anywhere that increased visibility is needed at a fraction of the cost.

SCOT 2.0

AVA Features

  • Human detection and autonomous response
  • Vehicle detection and autonomous response
  • Perimeter intrusion detection, response and alerting
  • Audio intervention
  • Live stream to mobile app
  • Unlimited user licenses
  • Cellular optimized – no WiFi required
  • Cloud served – no hardware at client site
  • 20+ days recording of all video
  • 1-year event recording in cloud
  • License plate recognition
    Requires specific positioning and RAD’s ‘BOLO Technologies’ platform
  • Virtual guard tour
  • Two-way audio/video calls
  • Audio talk-down
  • Snapshot audit
  • Virtual escort
  • Audio/Video marketing
  • Restricted area and zone management
  • Owner audit reporting
  • SPOT™, RAD‘s exclusive Face Mask Detection System available as part of RAD’s Health Screening Option

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