RAD's Innovative 'Autonomous Remote Services' Approach Will Show You Substantial Savings on Your Security Budget

We Are Determined to Saving Our Clients 33%-75%
of their Existing Security Budget

Give us 20 minutes and we’ll show you how technology, specifically autonomous robotic devices can perform most of the tasks that your security manpower currently performs. And what’s more, we will show you how these solutions will save you at least 33%, and in many cases as much as 75% of your existing man-guarding expenses.

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Security Needs a Fresh Approach

A fresh approach to property, building and community guarding is clearly needed. “Autonomous Remote Services,” or ARS, is the next generation of holistic solutions that can – as the name suggests – autonomously and remotely support the full spectrum of technologies needed to provide robust security, facility, concierge, and health screening services. Through the use of interactive, cross-functional robotic surveillance and monitoring devices, powered by intelligent, self-learning software, the implementation of ARS will enable guard companies to restructure their contracts with customers, integrators to expand and repackage their breadth of offerings, and end-users to benefit from superior security services at a dramatically lower cost compared to today’s model.

ARS is the culmination of technology and engineering to seamlessly combine communications, artificial intelligence, hardware, software and people-power. As a result, it is uniquely capable of delivering the most efficient and cost-effective security services, impossible to match through the use of legacy solutions.

ARS empowers security decision makers with the ability to save costs while blanketing their facilities with unprecedented levels of security and safety. Furthermore, these can include COVID-related health screening and monitoring functions, all performed while minimizing virus exposure and transmission to employees and security guards.

ARS’ combination of dedicated, proprietary hardware, powered by robust cloud-based software, revolutionizes the legacy security integration business. Disruptive contracting projects will be challenges, as ARS’ connectivity via 4G LTE, and soon 5G, requires no network infrastructure.

The list of benefits to the customer will help sell itself, while dampening any potential objections that might arise from various stakeholders.

Advantages to customers include:

  • ARS offers superior security by bringing autonomous responsiveness and remote connectivity to incidents in real time with minimal investment or complexity.
  • ARS poses no burden on in-house IT staff. The technology is self-contained, requires no network connectivity and minimal infrastructure support.
  • Pricing is simplified, with services and maintenance of all systems, including software updates, quoted as a single a price. Plus, the investment is futureproof, as cloud software is kept current and new capabilities are introduced to the platform and supporting hardware.
  • ARS delivers a superior employee and visitor experience as they interface with systems. In many instances, interactions with the technology are more efficient, safer, accurate and less intrusive than dealing with a human.
  • ARS offers lower out-of-pocket costs and increased ROI over time.

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