Improve Operational Efficiencies

An efficient solution for security conscious organizations, RAD helps improve security and reduces expenditure.

Safe and Secure Patrolling

Organizations can re-assign dangerous or mundane tasks, reducing liability and keeping human resources out of harm’s way.

Integrates with Existing Investments

RAD robotics integrate with a wide variety of systems to allow for streamlined communications with other business systems.

Robotic Assistance Devices was formed by security and robotics technology leaders with over 100 years combined industry management experience.

RAD is an autonomous robotic solution that helps organizations streamline operations, increase ROI and strengthen safety.

Corporate and Healthcare Campuses

Some of today’s most recognized global organizations rely on RAD to improve efficiencies and drive ROI across the enterprise.

Critical infrastructure

Driven by sustainability and security compliance, critical infrastructure sites deploy RAD solutions to lower risk, boost productivity and ensure safety.


Higher education campuses leverage RAD robots to increase the efficiency of patrols, enhance organizational safety and realize long-term cost reductions.

Remote Location

Deploying a robot in a remote location provides security where otherwise none would be reasonable to implement.

Founded in 2016, RAD is a privately funded, high-tech start-up that is an exclusive technology partner of SMP Robotics, based in San Francisco. RAD works with SMP to handle production, do custom orders for customers and provide the security packages for the robots. SMP Robotics specializes in development and serial production of Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles. Further technical information can be found at our manufacturer website:

An Introduction to Enhanced Security

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