Optimizing the Enterprise

Robotic Assistance Devices customizes the SMP Robotics S5 Security Guard for the needs of corporate campuses, focusing on delivering autonomous unmanned ground vehicles that leverage advanced navigation, obstacle avoidance sensors and intelligent mechanics to support traditional manned guard services. The robotic solution offers corporate campuses a wide variety of safety and operational benefits.

The SMP S5 Robot integrates with existing video management and communications systems for a more comprehensive security solution that fits your organization’s unique needs.

Our goal is to help your organization deter crime and vandalism, and resolve liability claims faster with the help of our autonomous robotics. With the experience of SMP Robotics and RAD’s custom services and support, your business can realize the benefits of comprehensive, systematic monitoring that increase efficiencies and reduces costs.

Top Corporate Concerns

  • Operational efficiencies
  • Perimeter protection
  • Integration with business systems
  • Need for increased situational awareness
  • Evolving risk environments

RAD Corporate Benefits

  • On-board panoramic surveillance
  • Two-way audio and panic button
  • Fully autonomous patrolling
  • Integration with leading VMS platforms including Milestone
  • Automatic obstacle avoidance sensors