Robotics Rental Program

Robot-as- a-Service (RaaS)

RAD is focused on providing cost-effective, customized options to help your organization achieve its operational and security goals.

We have several RaaS programs for you to choose from.

RaaS includes:

  1. Training for operators and staff that may interact with the robots (combination online & in-person certification programs).
  2. Onsite robot patrol training and SOP programming.
  3. Integration to existing security infrastructure (as may be available/applicable).
  4. Complete maintenance and service through life of contract (includes replacement robots if needed).
  5. 24/7 technical service support.
  6. Various onsite support options.

Our goal is for you to enjoy robots running 100% of the time.

RaaS terms are from 12 months to 48 months, with significant discounts for longer term rental commitments.

RaaS can be delivered to you through one of three channels, all of which are designed to offer similar pricing and support. The goal of the channels is to support the delivery method that suits you best. You may have a guarding company that is excellent that you want to manage the robots or you may have an integrator that is excellent and you want to manage the robots. Similarly you may have neither and want RAD to manage the robots.

With every option you have RAD’s technical support, training programs and backing for the maintenance and service.

  1. Guarding companies: Several guarding companies, with more being added every week, are signatory to RAD’s Security Robot Rental &; Support program. This allows the guarding company to bill you for the robots and related costs while RAD performs the training, deployment and support functions.
  2. Integration companies: Many integrators, with more being added every week, are also signatory to the Security Robot Rental &; Support program. This allows the integrator to bill you for the rentals and related costs AND perform some training, all deployment and some support functions.
  3. RAD: RAD can perform all required services directly if desired.