The S5 Fully Autonomous Robotic Guard

The S5 Robotic Guard from Robotic Assistance Devices and SMP Robotics is a fully autonomous unmanned ground vehicle that incorporates advanced intelligence to augment traditional patrolling services by detecting outdoor activity, including humans and vehicles. It operatess up to 12 hours without recharging and continuously monitors in any weather environment, including rain, snow, gusty wind, and temperatures ranging from -7° F to 110° F. It incorporates automatic obstacle avoidance sensors, two-way audio, panic button and on-board panoramic video surveillance to increase situational awareness. It integrates with leading video management solutions, including Milestone, and supports other business systems for special equipment, sensor integration and advanced software development. Data is captured and stored in the cloud for long-term data and video retention.


Performance – RADBot™ can patrol on a scheduled set route or routes, and can report on anomalies that are found on its patrol route.

Advanced Technology – This robot uses information from machine vision learning, multiple GPS platforms and inertial navigation to know exactly where it is and where it is going.

Mobility – SMP Robotics advanced machine vision and sensors virtually guarantee that it will not run into people or objects. Furthermore, the advanced Obstacle Avoidance system allows RADBot™ to skillfully navigate around obstacles in order to fulfill its mission.

Streamlined Resources – The RADBot™ is an addition to any effective security and operations team, working to alert a guard when needed. By capturing 360 degrees of video it can be an extension of the organization’s existing video system and can be reviewed at anytime by a human team.

Modern Robotic Guards

Modern Robotic Guards can be used by organizations to make their security departments move beyond “guns, guards and gates” to streamline departments. By utilizing our RADBot™, they can enhance their ability to effectively patrol large sites.

How it works:

  • Patrols a set route or routes depending on schedule.
  • While on patrol, 360 degrees of video are captured by the robot. This video is an extension of the organization’s existing data capture, operational and safety efforts.
  • Security officers and/or the Security Operations Center (SOC) can view the video of what the robot ‘sees’ at any time.
  • The robot will alert a guard or the SOC when a predefined parameter, such as an individual, is identified. The robot can automatically announce a message to the potential intruder and engage with the SOC for two-way voice control.
  • If so equipped the robot can capture license plate information while on patrol.
  • The robot, if so equipped, can offer remote guards and operators a variety of additional visualization technology including pan/tilt/zoom cameras, IR imaging and/or thermal cameras.
  • Additional integration options are available.

SMP Robotics specializes in development and serial production of Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles. Further technical information can be found at our manufacturer website:

Use Cases

Corporate and Healthcare Campuses

Some of today’s most recognized global organizations rely on RAD to improve efficiencies and drive ROI across the enterprise.

Critical infrastructure

Driven by sustainability and security compliance, critical infrastructure sites deploy RAD solutions to lower risk, boost productivity and ensure safety.


Higher education campuses leverage RAD robots to increase the efficiency of patrols, enhance organizational safety and realize long-term cost reductions.

Remote Location

Deploying a robot in a remote location provides security where otherwise none would be reasonable to implement.

Perimeter Security

RADbots help ensure the outdoor perimeter of your infrastructure is safe and secure.

Operational Efficiency

Robotic guards can increase the efficiency of manned personnel, reducing overall costs and driving productivity.

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