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RAD is pioneering the creation of advanced technology solutions for existing manned guarding and facility workflows using a unique blend of modern technologies. These technologies include artificial intelligence driven object classification, advanced cloud services and advanced physical devices. The ultimate goals of RAD are simple: Revolutionize the $50b security industry with a paradigm changing solution […]

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One key feature of the Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD) Security Control and Observation Tower (SCOT™) and its wall-mounted version SCOT™ Wally is their ability to be deployed in a remote location to provide security where otherwise none would be reasonable to implement. Facilities such as critical infrastructure sites, corporate campuses and parking structures can take advantage of […]

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Market – Education The Incident A school bus dropped student athletes off following an off-site event after school hours. One student was not picked up and was left on campus and had a dead cell phone battery. The student engaged with the Security Control and Observation Tower (SCOT™) unit to reach the Remote Monitoring Center […]

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