Monitoring Operations for Today's Critical Assets

Critical infrastructure sites continually seek ways to lower operational risk, boost productivity and ensure workplace safety. Asset protection and perimeter security are taken essential the high-profile environments in which these businesses operate.

The evolving risk environment also propels leaders to develop stringent security strategies to ensure robust protection, effective and efficient response, and business continuity. Comprehensive security planning and technology systems augment the capabilities of security personnel and today, organizations seek out advanced solutions that can also help gather intelligence that drive not only security efforts but also business optimization. SCOT™ boosts the protection of any critical infrastructure site where the end user needs more control over an expansive area.

Top Critical Infrastructure Concerns

  • Leverage limited personnel
  • Challenging environments
  • Manage without specialized personnel

Example SCOT™ Applications

  • Vehicle/man gates
  • Perimeters and
  • Difficult-to-staff locations

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