Protecting the Future

Educational institutions face an increasing risk environment and recent high-profile incidents only further emphasize these real-world threats. This fact has led to an increase in public demand for improved security solutions across campuses as K-12 schools, early learning centers and universities alike strive to exceed security and operational goals.

Educational campuses are designed to help students expand upon their intellectual capabilities to drive tomorrow’s research and leadership efforts, but these open environments are increasingly becoming targets of evolving physical threats. New technologies, including artificial intelligence, can help schools be more efficient and secure, but they must be delivered in a cost-effective manner. RAD’s guarding solutions can help augment existing personnel to further ensure a safe and secure place to grow and learn.

Use Cases

Student Utilizes SCOT™ Unit To Communicate With Remote Monitoring Center To Secure Safe Ride Home

Top Public Safety Concerns

  • Leverage limited personnel
  • Perimeter security
  • Manage without specialized personnel

Example SCOT™ Applications

  • Campus patrolling
  • Emergency alert system
  • Crowd control

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