Solution Overview

Performance – Optimized for IP video to achieve and sustain high throughput to prevent video loss and image quality degradation.

Mobility – Send video to any device anytime without sacrificing bandwidth or functionality.

Surveillance Expertisecon=”linea-basic-headset” dynamic_content_type=”content”]RAD robotics removes security personnel from potentially dangerous situations, reducing liability.

Resiliency – 99.9999% system uptime and data availability, with no single points of failure.

Scalability – Buy what solution for businesses, RAD robotics improve internal strategies and enhance security.

Performance – Optimized for IP video to achieve and sustain high throughput to prevent video loss and image quality need now and grow storage and compute linearly without disrupting system operations as needs change.

Customer Benefits

Improve Operational Efficiencies

Streamlines operations through more effective patrols.

Integrates with Other Systems

RADbots integrate with leading video management and other business systems.

Ongoing Cost Savings

Robotic guards cost approximately 50% less per hour than traditional security personnel, resulting in significant long-term savings.

Traditional Guards Vs. Robotic Guards: Cost Savings

Traditional Guarding Contract

  • Human guard costs $20 per hour
  • 250 guards
  • 500,000 total man hours annually
  • Total cost: $10 million per year

Human and Robot Contract

  • Robot guard costs $10 per hour
  • 150 guards, 46 robots
  • 300,000 total man hours annually
  • 200,000 total robot hours annually
  • Total cost: $7.2 million per year

Total savings of $2.8 million per year

Key Advantages

Infrastructure Consolidation

Consolidate all servers and client workstations onto a single enterprise-class infrastructure platform.

99.9999% Uptime

Downtime and data loss exposes users to critical liabilities. Pivot3 solutions maximize uptime and stored data protection.


Needs, technology and budgets change constantly. Video surveillance is not a “set it and forget it” solution. vSTAC surveillance solutions easily adapt to your changing environments.


Traditional SANs maximize IOPS for read-intensive workloads, which results in loss of streaming video data. Pivot3 solutions maximize throughput to prevent video loss and image degradation.


Traditional mobile apps provide very limited functionality and poor performance. Pivot3’s Virtual Security Server enables mobile video to reduce risk and improve response.

Simple and Cost Effective

vSTAC surveillance solutions eliminate the complexity traditionally found in enterprise server and storage infrastructure.

Use Cases


Airports, seaports and railways have become top priority surveillance upgrade sites as authorities look to apply the latest technologies to meet strict security objectives.

Law Enforcement

Video surveillance has become a proven tool in monitoring, analyzing and even preventing criminal activity. Recent developments in retention policies increase the need for storage efficiency and availability.


Security is an important issue for governments at all levels around the world. IP video surveillance has proven to be an effective preventative tool to create safer and more secure environments within public areas.


Casinos frequently deploy hundreds or thousands of cameras to meet stringent gaming regulations and to ensure the safety and protection of employees and visitors. Gaming applications have been at the forefront of new technology adoption such as megapixel cameras, which can drive requirements for petabytes of storage and hundreds of servers.


The retail market is one of the fastest growing market segments in the physical security space. Newer digital surveillance systems reduce liability and shrinkage by providing more reliable video retention and faster access to relevant saved video.


From secure campuses to federal regulations and data retention mandates, institutions are increasingly modernizing their IT infrastructure to ensure compliance and keep their students safe.

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