For Securing Distribution Warehouses, RAD’s ROAMEO Lets Stakeholders Think “Outside the Box”

“Supersize.” It once referred to French fries. Today, it’s warehouses. The average e-commerce warehouse’s footprint has doubled in the past decade, with some warehouses now measuring a whopping one million square feet! That’s miles of aisles! Add the building’s exterior, including loading docks, parking, and staging areas, and you’ve got one colossal security challenge.

How do you keep a supersize warehouse safe and secure? With a supersize, super-cool security robot named ROAMEO.

ROAMEO is to other security robots what today’s e-commerce fulfillment centers are to the overstuffed garages of Poshmark entrepreneurs. Some robots may be “cuter,” but none are better equipped to secure modern, mega-warehouses. Because ROAMEO is modern and “mega” too. He’s almost seven feet tall, weighs about 700 pounds, can travel up to 12 miles per hour, has 360 degree vision, and with the help of a ready-to-launch autonomous tethered drone, can provide crystal-clear video from 40 feet up. He’s also nimble, able to navigate safely within the bustling activity of a distribution warehouse. LiDAR, the same advanced sensor technology used by self-driving cars, guides his navigation, while four-wheel steering and four-wheel drive allow him to stop on a dime and spin in place. He’s completely adept at patrolling around people, forklifts, pallets, cargo containers, semi-trailers, and anything else that gets in his way.

ROAMEO’s roaming surveillance capabilities can enhance warehouse security in many ways. Start with asset protection. Employee theft accounts for about a third of all retail inventory shrinkage. Static security cameras can keep an eye on operations, but employees know where they’re mounted, and those cameras can only see from one perspective. ROAMEO provides supplementary visibility and surveillance from wherever is needed to help security teams deter and investigate theft. His cameras constantly record as he autonomously patrols his route and may also be monitored live by remote security officers. Should something attract their attention or a specific area require more thorough coverage, ROAMEO can be dispatched to that exact site and arrive pronto. ROAMEO can patrol indoors and outdoors, supervising the movement of pallets, the stacking of shelves, the picking of products, and the loading and unloading of vehicles. If something suspicious occurs, he’s as reliable a witness as you will find.

ROAMEO also keeps an eye out for unauthorized workers, intruders or vehicles. By pairing his cameras with video analytics, like facial or license plate recognition software, ROAMEO can cross-check vehicle plates and employee faces with those in a database. If he finds someone who shouldn’t be onsite, ROAMEO immediately summons human officers to their location. His LPR may be used to track vehicles’ arrivals and departures and assist with logistics. Based upon a semi-trailers plates, ROAMEO’s twin 21-inch screens can communicate customized instructions and digital signage to its driver.

Liability claims are another area where ROAMEO’s watchful presence pays off. Recorded video can verify that OSHA policies are enforced and provide documentation to counter frivolous workman’s compensation claims. The video from his cameras provides a wealth of searchable visual evidence that may be exported and used in court.  

What about cases where an accident does occur that requires immediate attention? ROAMEO is more than a passive bystander. Employees need only to hit his panic button to be immediately connected with a trained security professional who’s ready to assess and respond to the situation. The officer can see what’s happening in real-time, communicate face-to-face with those on site, and direct medical help, security personnel and other resources to the location as needed.

It’s projected that by 2040, 95% of retail purchases will occur online. With consumers fully embracing a more convenient way to shop, supersize warehouses are here to stay. Fortunately, so is ROAMEO, a supersize robot who’s uniquely equipped to handle their massive and diverse security challenges.

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