A computer that takes a myriad of descriptions and makes an accurate health diagnosis. An advanced machine that learns new and more accurate ways to complete tasks. A security robot that can sense obstacles and reprogram its movement to avoid them. In this book, Steve Reinharz discusses applications, myths, emerging developments and the growing effects of AI within our world.

Explore the Benefits 

of Artificial Intelligence



The rapid pace of innovation in artificial intelligence propels the discussion of important issues.

The Value of the Human Element

Stay up to date with all the new ideas that shape the world.

The potential for AI to improve interaction with government – and commerce - at the basic level is massive. BUT, humans will always be better at customer service. Especially if there’s a complex request or problem involved. And we should embrace that human touch. The key is what I call “people-as-a-premium”. Essentially, it’s about how we combine automation and human skill. 

Chapter II

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