Applications of Artificial Intelligence Outlined in New Book

Laguna Hills, Calif., May 9, 2017 Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD), an innovator in artificial intelligence and robotics, announced the release of the third edition of An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence by Steve Reinharz, CEO, RAD. The book explores the many benefits and uses of artificial intelligence, and provides readers in-depth insight into this quickly developing and expanding technology segment.

Reinharz has more than 20 years of experience in various facets of the high-tech industry, leveraging his extensive knowledge and interest in robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) to design and develop robotic solutions that increase business efficiency and deliver cost savings. He currently oversees business development, sales, and strategic vision for RAD.

The updated book explores how AI is more prominent than ever, and explains the reasons behind the growing interest in the subject and deep learning. Computers alone possess substantial amounts of power and knowledge, but adding human elements, such as sight and hearing, creates a forceful combination.

It outlines the technological advances in hardware and networks that have allowed AI to progress tremendously over the years. Reinharz believes these developments and the blend between robots and human interaction will allow AI to contribute to a variety of sectors, such as food production, government interaction, medical testing, and more.

“I wrote the first edition of this book more than 25 years ago with the certainty that AI-powered applications would become the foundation on which much of what we know would be built,” Reinharz said. “It’s fascinating to reflect on the past, examine the present and look to the future of this ever-evolving topic and technology scope. I hope that the updated version of the publication will become a trusted resource for not only those in the field working with the technology, but also for instructors aiming to provide students with the necessary materials to advance and excel in their respective industries.”

Reinharz digs deeper than simply defining the term that has since evolved into a popular buzzword. He examines its varying applications, how it’s changing the technology world, and how it’ll continue to affect the future. He also sets the record straight on what’s true about artificial intelligence and what myths should be avoided. Finally, Reinharz touches on current discussions regarding the effects of increased automation in society, discussion on recently floated “robot tax” suggestions and other societal impacts AI will have.

The book is available for download at no cost. To access your copy of An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, click here.

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