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RAD April 8 Summary & SCOT 2.0 Announcement

RAD is pioneering the creation of advanced technology solutions for existing manned guarding and facility workflows using a unique blend of modern technologies. These technologies include artificial intelligence driven object classification, advanced cloud services and advanced physical devices. The ultimate goals of RAD are simple:
  1. Revolutionize the $50b security industry with a paradigm changing solution that focuses on improvements to high frequency workflows. This is not technology for any reason other than helping organizations improve performance and save cost. We focus on converting and creating workflows into automated highly efficient automated operating procedures that provide better service and accountability than what was previously available.
  2. Provide comprehensive autonomous security and concierge solutions at a price point that opens up new markets that previously did not exist. We foresee these new markets to potentially be worth over $5b over time. A simple example is provisioning a SCOT unit in an area where the property owner would like a manned resource yet it cannot afford it or the deployment is too dull/mundane for a guard to effectively complete the post orders.
  3. Provide operating expense based solutions that end users can scale based on the needs of their business – moving from the existing model in physical security of large capital expenditures and therefore further extending accessibility to advanced security solutions to markets that previously could not afford the solutions they required.
The release of SCOT 2.0 is a tremendous achievement by the RAD team. SCOT 1.x continues to perform and save customers. With SCOT 2.0’s innovate design and advanced features we’re excited to accelerate our deployments and the success of our dealers and end users. We expect to make additional product announcements throughout 2019. Stay tuned and feel free to provide feedback directly to me at Steve.Reinharz@RoboticAssistanceDevices.com. Steve Reinharz Founder & President, Robotic Assistance Devices

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