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RAD Integration with Cradlepoint Boosts SCOT™ Connectivity

One key feature of the Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD) Security Control and Observation Tower (SCOT™) and its wall-mounted version SCOT™ Wally is their ability to be deployed in a remote location to provide security where otherwise none would be reasonable to implement. Facilities such as critical infrastructure sites, corporate campuses and parking structures can take advantage of this quality, achieving advanced situational awareness in a cost-effective manner.

SCOT™ Wally takes SCOT™’s portability to another level, enabling users to supplement manned guarding solutions with an interactive SCOT™ unit that features a number of the traditional solution’s attributes. Being a fraction of SCOT™, SCOT™ Wally is easy to deploy and install and offers security and concierge services with intelligent technologies and a high definition LCD screen for playing media and messaging. SCOT™ Wally is perfect for locations that demand a compact and attractive security solution, such as exterior areas, lobbies and buildings.

But in order for SCOT™ and SCOT™ Wally to function at their highest potential in these various expansive areas, they demand a reliable and available network connection; the solutions must stay connected regardless of their physical location on the organization’s property. That’s why RAD teamed up with Cradlepoint to utilize 4G LTE for consistent and secure connectivity.

Through the Cradlepoint COR IBR900 router and the NetCloud platform, RAD can increase the speed to deployment of SCOT™ and SCOT™ Wally and ensure connectivity that won’t lag or fade in and out. The COR IBR900 series is a ruggedized, purpose-built networking platform that provides connectivity across a broad range of IoT and standalone tower applications, and NetCloud Manager enables remote configuration and troubleshooting.

In the event of an incident, the SCOT™ suite of solutions must be dependable and able to utilize their artificial intelligence-powered capabilities, and Cradlepoint’s solutions make that possible. They ensure that SCOT™ features such as GPS, data collection, controls and communication will perform 24/7, allowing personnel to expand their organization’s security reach at all times.

Additionally, Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Engine enables organizations to create a virtual cloud network in minutes. RAD and Cradlepoint have worked together to ensure that all cloud communication is protected: advanced security, VPN and firewall capabilities safeguard sensitive data that SCOT™ or SCOT™ Wally may gather.

The SCOT™ solutions strive to help enterprise organizations solve complex challenges and mitigate security risks, and the use of Cradlepoint’s flexible and scalable platform facilitates the success of meeting this goal. RAD recognizes the importance of trustworthy solutions for sites that are critical to the fabric of society, and shares in Cradlepoint’s commitment to network connectivity and security.

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