Global Technology, American Assembly

A product is only as good as the pieces that compose it, and no company understands this better than Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD) and SMP Robotics.

RAD, privately funded and high-tech startup, is the master distributor of SMP Robotics Systems, which has been designing and manufacturing robots since 2009. The robots create a compelling and cost-effective solution for security and monitoring within a number of critical infrastructure facilities. These exceedingly purposeful, autonomous devices allow for the reduction of expenditure and liability while providing reliable performance and services.

It’s crucial that all aspects of the robots are always functioning at their highest potential, and RAD accomplishes this by answering one question: “How do we make the world’s best robot?” RAD and SMP collectively dedicate a great deal of hard work and time to perfecting their joint commitment to excellence.

The process that goes into building a security robot begins with ensuring that the finest software and technology are used. RAD has a new partnership with NVIDIA, featuring the NVIDIA Jetson platform that relies on an AI-embedded supercomputer ideal for intelligent machines. The Jetson platform allows the SMP S5 Security Robot the ability to detect humans and engage in facial recognition to identify and alert users to potential threats.

Next, RAD and SMP know that gathering the highest grade parts is one of the most important aspects of their strategy. This effort isn’t limited to just local resources, though; globally sourced technology is used to obtain the best possible parts from all over the world. They go to China for motors, America for steel and body, Europe for various chips, and finally Asia, North America and Europe for research and development specialties.

The last step brings all of the components back to America: the diverse parts are hand-assembled right in Southern California at the RAD assembly location. This ensures the premier quality and flawless execution that you’re likely to find in every one of their products.

Each step involved in the creation of the RAD/SMP robotic devices is taken carefully and methodically; they know that collecting ideas and elements from worldwide locations guarantees greatness, and they’re consistently using these techniques to construct outstanding and unparalleled robots.

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