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Getting your hands on a RAD device is easy especially when we have two of the largest security providers in the US as dealers, plus a growing list of smaller regional guarding company dealers. Allied Universal Services is our largest dealer with the most deployments. Working through our network of qualified dealers you can get a unit deployed almost anywhere in the US or Canada.

What you get when you enlist RAD

Thanks to our Solutions-as-a-Service model you can rest easy knowing that you will get the same level of support from RAD no matter what dealer you choose to work with. We will provide you with everything you need to make your deployment a success including:
  • Access to the RAD Software Suite allowing you to monitor your robot and customize the functions of your robot to fit your needs.
  • Comprehensive training for operators and staff that will be interacting with the robot and the RAD Software Suite through both onsite and online training.
  • Complete maintenance and service through life of contract.
  • 24/7 technical service support available online or through your RAD technician.

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