Robotics Help Reduce Liability for Business

In a recent column in the Wall Street Journal, “Robots will save the economy” the authors discuss the impact robots can have on our economy. Not only can robotics help enhance our economy, but they can help protect businesses by ensuring that they are using their people as a premium; that is, allowing humans to do jobs that require a human interaction or intellect while using robots to automate tasks or perform dangerous jobs.

In the security industry, the use of robotics to respond to risky situations is a growing trend. Cornell University is creating a system where robots can not only share information they collect as they patrol, but can also interpret the data. If implemented, this could improve response to a natural disaster or security threat. Robotics are also being used in the oil and gas industry to do everything from patrolling and using sensors to detect chemicals to automating more dangerous equipment.

Industries should not be afraid of the impact of robotics, but instead use robots to reduce liability, increase productivity and focus human capital on jobs that are safer and where human intuition advances the business’ mission.

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