Introducing ROSA

The Ultimate Autonomous Response Device

Robotic Observation Security Apparatus (ROSA) is the first and only completely self-contained security and communication device in the market. Providing a 180° field of view from the device so you can see more of your site. Using ROSA’s one way long range paging you can communicate with people on your site. Delivering the ultimate customer experience with our in-house developed software suit, including RADSOC and RADSight.

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Meet ROSA (Robotic Observation Security Apparatus) the worlds first self-contained security and communication solution from Robotic Assistance Devices. Featuring the launch of our in house developed RADSight which will enhance the human and machine collaboration between ROSA and your staff. Since ROSA is such a compact package it is easy to be deployed at almost any location in about 15 minutes making it the fastest deployable security device on the market. ROSA has our AI driven security systems including Human and Vehicle Detection, License plate recognition, and complete integration with the RAD Software suite notification and response library. All this is available at a third of cost of a SCOT tower while providing all the key security features of it.

RAD Rose web

ROSA Features

  • RADSight
  • Full RAD Video Analytics
  • Human/Vehicle Detection
  • License plate recognition (with appropriate location setting)
  • Currently only plug in
  • 15 Minute deployment time
  • Cellular
  • Seamless integration to the RAD software suite/response library/notification
  • Neon changing per customer SOPs
  • LEDs changing on customer SOPs
  • Talk-down
  • 2-way talk
  • MAC tracker
  • 21 days video storage + 1 year RADSoC event storage
  • All the other goodness of RAD!