SCOT 2.0

Security Control Observation Tower

Not long ago RAD launched the SCOT 1, and after being deployed across the US we have been collecting customer feedback. This feedback led to the releases of SCOT versions 1.2 and 1.3, allowing us to fine tune and improve SCOT’s technology.

We are now pleased to announce the next generation of SCOT Towers: SCOT 2.0, featuring all the enhancements from the past year while also improving upon its speed and usefulness inside a newly streamlined body. SCOT 2.0 is available at just $4 per hour* providing a unique, cost-effective, easy to deploy, and powerful security solution for your organization.

SCOT 2.0

SCOT 2.0 Features

  • Streamlined body standing 7’ tall
  • Solar panels
  • Wrap around RGB LEDs
  • Cellular and WiFi connectivity
  • Over-the-air software updates
  • Mini PTZ cameras with auto object zoom and long-range visibility
  • Human detection analytics – SuspectSpotter™
  • License plate recognition – LicenseSpoter™
  • Customizable wraparound LED panels
  • Audio integration – Built-in VOIP communications
  • Long-range paging
  • Credential validation and access control (optional)
  • Close-range intercom
  • Large Tablet featuring security and concierge services PLUS video conferencing with the SOC or guards in the field
  • Security | Help | Panic button
  • 24/7 equipment monitoring from RAD through the Robot Monitoring Center
  • MAC Tracker™ capabilities – through BOLO Technologies
  • Up to 180 hours continuous operation
  • Standalone power – RAD Power Systems, plugin option for standard 110v power
  • Sturdy anti-tilt feet
  • Anchor Points on feet for a more secure deployment
  • SPOT™, RAD‘s exclusive Face Mask Detection System available as part of RAD’s Health Screening Option

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