Use Case: SCOT™ Unit Identifies Vehicle Responsible for Property Theft, Prepares BOLO in case of return

Market – Retail / Logistics / Parking / Campus

 The Incident

In the early morning hours, a truck entered the loading dock area of a big box retailer. Suspects exited the truck and attempted to steal pallets by placing them into the truck.

SCOT™ Response

While on active duty with security patrol monitoring activated, the Security Control and Observation Tower (SCOT™) annunciated a warning and captured photo and video footage of the crime. The suspects left the scene without completing the theft.

SCOT™ Technology Used

  1. Vehicle detection – SCOT™ sounded an alert when the vehicle entered the space at a monitored time where any vehicles entering the area would be considered suspicious
  2. LEDs – SCOT™ entered into high visibility mode to deter any criminal activity
  3. Long-range audio – SCOT™ issued a long-range audio alert to advise the suspects to leave immediately
  4. Recording of video – SCOT™’s cameras recorded video footage for future forensic use
  5. MAC Address capture – SCOT™ utilized its MAC Address capture technology for immediate entry into BOLO system so security is notified if the suspect shows up again


At a low cost to the retailer, SCOT™ protected property, collected evidence and set up a BOLO in case of the suspects’ return.

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