Introducing SCOT ™: Security Control and Observation Tower

The SCOT ™ : Security Control and Observation Tower is a standalone remote, portable, self-sufficient security observation tower designed to expand an organization’s security reach instantly. RAD’s unique Power System allows SCOT ™ to be quickly placed virtually anywhere for short- or long-term deployments with zero investment/planning in any supporting infrastructure. SCOT ™ is available at for $ 3/hour* providing a cost-effective and easy to deploy security solution to your organization.

*certain terms and conditions apply

Security Guard Services At A Fraction of the Cost

SCOT™ – Standard fully self-contained, approx 6′ 8” tall

SCOT™  XL  – SCOT™  plus truck level entry console, approx 9′ 6” tall.

SCOT™  Powered – 120v powered with internal backup power, lower cost.

Tech Innovations: Customer Required, RAD Delivered

SCOT ™  is a self-sufficient intelligence observation tower designed to expand an organization’s security reach. Each tower is equipped with the latest artificial intelligence technologies:

  • Human detection analytics – SuspectSpotter
  • License plate recognition – LicenseSpoter
  • Standalone power – RAD Power Systems
  • MAC Tracker™ capabilities – through BOLO Technologies
  • Long-range paging
  • Close-range intercom
  • Customizable wraparound LED panels
  • Long-range visibility
  • Cellular connectivity and WiFi capabilities
  • Credential validation and access control (optional)
  • 24/7 equipment monitoring from RAD through the Robot Monitoring Center
  • Up to 180 hours continuous operation
  • Security/Help/Panic button
  • Large Tablet featuring security and concierge services PLUS video conferencing with the SOC or guards in the field
  • Over-the-air software updates
  • Audio integration – Built-in VOIP communications

Use Cases

Critical infrastructure

SCOT™  boosts the protection of any critical infrastructure site where the end user needs more control over an expansive area. Example applications: Vehicle/manned gates, perimeters, difficult-to-staff locations


SCOT™  provides an inexpensive way to bolster security without breaking the bank, providing eyes and ears to the entrance of a neighborhood without the infrastructure or investment of a human guard.

Recreational Facilities

SCOT™ ‘s technological capabilities and customizable alerts make it the perfect security solution for high-trafficked recreational facilities such as sports arenas or malls. Example applications: parking areas, entrance areas

Corporate Campuses

SCOT™ ‘s credential validation capabilities make it the perfect security solution for employee and visitor access control. Example applications: parking areas, entrance areas

Distribution Centers

SCOT™  can work for vehicle, visitor and employee entrances, as well as interior/perimeter areas.

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