Security Systems News: Robot Assistance Devices plans for growth

Company president discusses ‘robots-as-a-service’
LAGUNA HILLS, Calif.—Robotic Assistance Devices sees a future for robots in physical security and plans to be a leader in that trend.

“There is [an] absolute inevitability of robots in physical security. Any way you slice it, it makes sense because it’s a continuation of a trend that’s been going on for the last 50 years—and that trend is simply using electronic security to bolster and improve an enterprise’s layered physical security program,” Steve Reinharz, CEO of Robotic Assistance Devices, told Security Systems News.

The company currently has three locations: the headquarters based here, an office in Montreal and an office in Toronto. RAD has budgeted for three to five more locations for 2017. “We are going to be following our major demand, so, we haven’t picked those locations yet,” Reinharz said. These locations will be staffed “with qualified technicians who are able to go and do field work on the robots, dispatch the robots, train the robots, work with the staff, work with the customer staff, sit with the customers,” Reinharz said.

The company in late April launched in Canada at the Security Canada East show in Montreal.

“We’re coming out of final development for the first production robots. We’re racking up what we call ‘robotic reservations,’ because we have a situation where we have demand far exceeding supply,” Reinharz said. “Lead time is three [to] four months.”

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