Quality Support and Service

RAD is focused on ensuring the deployment of your investment is as simple as possible.

Our experienced team has been learning from each deployment and will make implementation as easy as possible. We’ll be on-site as long as it takes, and are always accessible if anything goes wrong.

Much like traditional guards need to be shown their patrol route and familiarized with your organization’s standard operating procedures, RAD’s security solutions need to be trained as well.

Our “Solutions-as-a-Service” model ensures that whether you are a guarding company who wants to manage the robots yourself or an end user that wants a more managed approach from RAD, we are here to help.

The deployment program is prepared by our industry experts and programming is completed by RAD-certified engineers and software developers.

Dedicated Services

Customized deployment support performed by specialized engineers and software developers.

Online support

Extensive library of on-demand support documents.

Customized Options

Custom solutions to fit specific operational and security requirements.

24/7 Access

Global support options anytime, anywhere.

Training Options

On-site or remote training based on your needs.


RAD customized software suite applied to locally assembled products.


Including tracking, repair, and service programs

Cellular wireless integration

Supports critical communication to increase situational awareness

Hardware support

Integration with leading video management and audio systems.


With leading technology companies such as NVIDIA


Easy-to-use customized RAD software suite to govern your robots and RAD security solutions.

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