SMP & RAD Continue Joint Expansion

More and more, the security marketplace in the U.S. and Canada continue to see robotic security guards as an asset to augment security forces. Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD) and SMP Robotics are capitalizing on this growing market by announcing significant joint expansion plans.

SMP will be joining RAD at RAD’s Orange County, California location and both companies will soon announce the location of additional joint space in the Bay Area replacing SMP’s current headquarters. More details on future locations will be available soon.

“Market response to the S5 as assembled by Robotic Assistance Devices has been overwhelming,” said SMP CEO Leo Ryzenko.

To support rapid expansion, remote robot deployments and remote customer support RAD is executing an ambitious physical expansion plan across North America and expects to set up at least 10 locations over the next 12-18 months.

”As we are at the beginning stage of what expect to be a massive new industry it’s essential we invest in ensuring that every robot deployment meets and exceeds our customers’ lofty expectations. The best way to do that is with continued close partnership in development and expansion with SMP Robotics, and to be close to all our customers,” said Steve Reinharz, President & CEO of Robotic Assistance Devices.

Recently, RAD and SMP Robotics showcased the S5 security guard robot’s ability to assist in natural disaster response at Verizon’s Operation Convergent Response event.

“Seeing the SMP S5 from RAD help first responders assess critical situations and demonstrate new capabilities for expanding situational awareness opened our eyes to the possibilities out there in the event of an emergency,” said Jeff Schweitzer, Chief Innovation Officer, Verizon. “We’re excited to see where the technology goes from here.”

RAD, a high-tech startup, is the master distributor of SMP Robotics Systems, which has been designing and manufacturing robots since 2009. RAD’s SMP S5 robot is exclusively equipped with paging, two-way audio and a panic button. Furthermore the robot exclusively integrates to most major Video Management Systems and exclusively features NVIDIA’s advanced analytics for human and other detection capabilities. It supports a wide range of video management solutions, including Milestone and Genetec platforms.

“Steve Reinharz has demonstrated tremendous ability to build and grow RAD into an organization focused on proper delivery and implementation of SMP’s solutions. Our joint development projects add tremendous value to the S5. We are thrilled with our partnership and joint expansion plans’ said Leo Ryzhenko, CEO, SMP Robotics.

The S5 autonomous security robots from SMP Robotics have a variety of applications, including automated patrolling and capturing video surveillance of campuses, vacant properties, manufacturing plants, warehouses and parking lots. RAD’s security specific additions provide the advanced functionality required for the North American market and this experience will be used to provide further customizations in various international markets.

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