The Evolution Of Artificial Intelligence And Security

Robotic Assistance Devices delivers artificial intelligence-based solutions that empower organizations to gain new insight, solve complex challenges and fuel new business ideas. Its first product suite helps organizations improve the simplicity and economics of patrolling and guard services while harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to gain enhanced situational awareness that improves security, all at a drastically reduced cost.

Responsive Observation Security Agent

Meet ROSA the world’s first self-contained security and communication solution from Robotic Assistance Devices.

Security Control Observation Tower

SCOT is a standalone remote, portable, self-sufficient intelligence observation tower designed to expand an organization’s security reach instantly.

Rugged Observation Assistance Mobile Electronic Officer

ROAMEO is suitable to patrol on any typical surface including uneven/cracked asphalt/concrete, crushed rock up to 10″ in diameter, grass, dirt, and snow (all within certain limits). Advanced Technologies will be rolled out throughout the year and phase 1 customers will receive special custom software development.

Wall Mounted
Version of SCOT

This wall mounted unit seamlessly integrates with all other RAD devices and provides edge to edge 180° field of vision. As easy to install and scale as all RAD Hardware, Wally deploys RAD’s innovative artificial intelligence-based technologies to enhance an organization’s situational awareness, communication, and control.


Verified Access

AVA takes full advantage of the RAD Software Suite aimed at providing a comprehensive Access Control package that’s ideal for corporate campuses, parking structures, exterior areas, and lobbies and buildings.

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