Taking SCOT™ to a Higher Level: Introducing SCOT™ Wally

Organizations today are looking to augment their security teams without adding to their budget. That means a security solution must not only be cost-effective, but it must also be easily scalable and efficient. Meet SCOT™ Wally, Robotic Assistance Devices’ (RAD) newest addition to the SCOT™ family.

The latest version of RAD’s Security Control and Observation Tower (SCOT™) was customer requested during SCOT™’s Ohio beta presentations in February 2018, demonstrating RAD’s responsiveness and speed at which it can bring solutions to the market. The device exemplifies convenience by enabling users to supplement manned guarding solutions with a wall-mounted, interactive and portable SCOT™ unit.

SCOT™ Wally features a number of the traditional SCOT™ attributes, including artificial intelligence-powered technologies and the use of the RAD Software Suite™ to enhance an organization’s situational awareness, communication and control. SCOT™ Wally also contains a paging speaker and full HD LCD screen.

Being a fraction of SCOT™, SCOT™ Wally is easy to deploy and install and is available at two-thirds the cost of the original tower. SCOT™ Wally is perfect for locations that demand a compact and attractive security solution, such as:

  • Corporate campuses. SCOT™ Wally’s credential validation capabilities facilitate intelligent situational awareness, ensuring complete visitor and employee access control. Security and registration duties can be effectively managed, particularly at nighttime when activity is minimal.
  • Lobbies. Without the high cost of a human guarding solution, SCOT™ Wally users can achieve a greater sense of safety in lobbies. Its access to the Remote Monitoring Center (RMC) also provides a variety of capabilities and enhanced protection.
  • Parking structures. The ability for SCOT™ Wally to be easily mounted inside a parking structure enables operators to achieve increased visibility and control access using license plate recognition technology.

SCOT™ Wally can also be used alongside SCOT™ in exterior areas, attached to the wall, to provide single-camera views that seamlessly integrate with the RAD Software Suite, the tower and its human partners. Additionally, the battery-powered version can be installed in remote areas with block walls.

With a quick and inexpensive delivery and setup, SCOT™ Wally presents organizations with a cost-effective, concise and innovative method to gather intelligence and assure comprehensive security.

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