Today’s Class Lecture: Entrepreneurship

Most entrepreneurs will tell you that starting a business is no simple task, and in today’s modern-day workforce, the challenges presented are different than those we’ve seen in the past. Creating an innovative technology or product is critical, but so too is creating an innovative approach to business operations and marketing.

Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD) CEO Steve Reinharz has been through this process and has developed suggestions and best practices for those looking to follow along on the same path. A key principle for Reinharz and RAD has always been a desire to invest in today’s youth and the next generation of employees, as these young minds are those that will define and mold the future of both the business world and the robotics and artificial intelligence industries.

In an effort to share his personal experience and enlighten the next generation of entrepreneurs, Reinharz is honored to participate in speaking opportunities at various universities, such as Cal State Fullerton on Feb. 22. Lecturing as a “professor for a day,” Reinharz takes pride in interacting with eager students and presenting information on what it takes to succeed in today’s evolving business world. Through these instructional courses, Reinharz uses not only his successes but also his tribulations to convey how he has developed his unique strategy and express the way in which it has contributed to RAD’s growth and development.

In addition to focusing on the education of the next generation, RAD invests in young employees who have not only the right background, but also the right attitude to commit themselves to RAD’s mission and improve the business, its technology and the innovative ways RAD’s security solutions are delivered to customers.

Today’s technology organizations have an obligation to mentor future innovators and coach and encourage students to pursue technology interests. Reinharz hopes that communicating his story and guidance will enable students, and his young employees, to learn how best to approach business opportunities and flourish in their endeavors.

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