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My career in the security industry began at 24 years old, when I learned how to design and install CCTV systems.

Back then, the steps to put a couple pan/tilt/zoom cameras on, as example, outdoor on a wall at a bus station, the following steps would need to be completed:

1. Find a suitable camera mounting location;
2. Select the appropriate camera from the 50+ available models;
3. Specify and source a camera mount compatible with both the camera and the mounting area;
4. Order a bunch of 18 gauge, 2 conductor camera power cable;
5. Order some 95% copper core coax cable;
6. Order a power supply for the camera;
7. Find the facility’s electrical room, then find an open circuit on appropriate low voltage panel;
8. Figure out the labyrinth on how to run the cables back to the camera;
9. Ensure that there was no asbestos or lead paint along this wiring path;
10. Get plastic to put over all office equipment and work areas as needed;
11. Alert staff to the certain disruption from the above cable installation;
12. Hire a couple of installers, have them bring their ladders along with all safety gear needed to install the necessary power and communications cable to the camera;
13. Cross your fingers, and hope it all powers up and works when we eventually turn it on.

And all we’ve done in the above scenario is run a couple of cameras to a power distribution location. We haven’t discussed the need for some kind of video recorder, monitor, maybe a video controller . . . all separate parts that needed to be installed at the original location.

Today, all cables have evolved to a single CAT5 cable, you now have to work in network considerations PLUS all the previous steps. And then of course you need to figure out your internet resources and options to make sure you have the available bandwidth and service. Let’s just say this all takes time and expertise to design and install a video system.

Now let’s look at this installation within what we refer to as the RAD Ecosystem.

I’m thrilled to announce that a client has recently successfully installed a ROSA unit with zero technical installation involvement from RAD. In just under 30 minutes, they deployed ROSA – a fully operational security device with 2 pan/tilt/zoom cameras, messaging, lighting, audio and much more. In fact, this unit was installed a few weeks before a RAD installation crew was scheduled to be onsite. This was a significant moment in the evolution and market acceptance of RAD security solutions.

Now a RAD dealer can distribute a complete security-in-a-box solution to their customers around the world with barely a challenge.

These are exciting times to be a distributor, dealer and consumer of such robust autonomous security services. Which do you want to be? Contact RAD and we’ll help you get there.

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