Use Case: SCOT™ Unit Equipped with Active Shooter Response Capabilities

Markets – Education – Corporate Campus – Big Box Retail

The Simulation

Today’s threat landscape is rife with ever-present fears of emergency situations, such as active shooters, in schools, large enterprise businesses and on corporate campuses, event centers, and big-box retailers. Using the Security Control and Observation Tower (SCOT™), these locations can implement intelligent technologies that allow security leaders to communicate critical information to first responders and people in emergency situations quickly and efficiently, as well as provide valuable visual information to those responding to the threat.

SCOT™ Response

Using  SCOT™’s video camera technology, first responders are able to gain vital visual information about suspected shooters through RAD Software Suite’s advanced incident and event management system. In addition, live views of critical paths of travel help first responders better navigate through and clear areas when responding to an active shooter event.

SCOT™ Technology Used

  1. Short- and long-range visibility – SCOT™ is able to gather key images to identify suspected shooters and transmit these images back to first responders for identification.
  2. Digital Signage LED – Brings important visual-based information to people within the immediate area.
  3. Paging – The ability to spread valuable information through paging capabilities brings critical instructions about how to “shelter in place” or “evacuate” to people in the area.

The Result

Using the SCOT™ tower’s communication and visual information collection capabilities, active shooter situations can be addressed by offering valuable information to first responders without endangering personnel within the immediate area. SCOT can be used to identify persons of interest, evaluate footage for investigative and forensic purposes, and relay critical instructions and information to those involved in the emergency event. Additionally, instant communications through SCOT™ voiceover capabilities makes it easy to relay information quickly to the surrounding area.


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