Use Case: Student Utilizes SCOT™ Unit to Communicate with Remote Monitoring Center to Secure Safe Ride Home

Market – Education

The Incident

A school bus dropped student athletes off following an off-site event after school hours. One student was not picked up and was left on campus and had a dead cell phone battery. The student engaged with the Security Control and Observation Tower (SCOT™) unit to reach the Remote Monitoring Center (RMC). The guard who was working at the RMC called the student’s parents and remained engaged until they arrived.

SCOT™ Response

A guard staffing the RMC was able to communicate with the student on campus through the video-conference-calling feature to help arrange for safe transportation for the student athlete to get home.

SCOT™ Technology Used

  1. Remote Monitoring Center (RMC) – SCOT™’s ability to provide human interaction through its RMC allowed the student to contact its parents when no other means of communication were available.
  2. Recording of video – SCOT™’s cameras recorded the call between the RMC guard and the student for any future needs.
  3. Large tablet/security help center – SCOT™’s easy-to-use tablet was used to reach the RMC.


At a low cost to the school campus, SCOT™ provided a security post where a human guard would not otherwise be present, allowing the student to secure safe transportation home.

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