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The RAD Ecosystem contains the most innovative security robots the industry has seen, bringing seamless integration between on-site security and smart AI driven technologies. SCOT, Wally, ROSA, and Fred provide full range solutions for every type of job site from industrial to commercial locations.

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Security Control Observation Tower (SCOT) is our main security solution. Featuring a full 360° camera view, a 24 inch tablet with RAD Guard, text LED display, and RGB Alert LED’s

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Wally is our compact wall mount unit that provides all the features of SCOT in a small package. Featuring a 180° camera view, RADGuard and an LCD display you can show images and videos on.

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Response Observation Security Agent (ROSA) is the first self-contained security and communication solution including all of RADs AI driven security functions. Featuring a 180° camera view, text LED display, and RGB Alert LED’s. 

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Facial Recognition Entry Device (FRED) is our access control focused device featuring the Visitor Management System and our Facial Recognition systems. Featuring the full RADGuard experience that can be connected into existing access control door locks.